Polar Space: an experiment

Polar Space is an amalgam of disciplines. It is a space that connects my design practice with activities that fill my pastime.  

I value the process of making and this passion has left me with quite the collection of hobbies! Each activity presents its own unique challenges — they contrast, balance and compliment one another, and one day I imagine they'll collide.

Design has taught me to solve problems, look at the detail and the big picture, and most importantly to strive for enduring quality. Satisfaction comes from both working on projects with a story and actively reducing what ends up in landfill. I hope my work encourages one to slow down and enjoy the act of sitting.

Polar Space is about creating a sustainable approach to both creating and thinking. It allows me to improvise, take risks and explore the extremes — the new and old, the smooth and rough, the clean and dirty. The driver is always process, experimentation and play and it is about embracing quality and the beauty of imperfection.




Wendy Ellerton graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Honours) from Monash University. During her honours year she designed a comprehensive text typeface called Ferrara.

In 2005 she completed a Masters in Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Netherlands. Since returning to Australia, Wendy works as a graphic designer, type designer and furniture upholsterer. She is also a lecturer at Monash University.

Wendy has lectured on type design for the Australian Graphic Design Association. She has conducted workshops internationally in Florence, Milan, Beijing, and Riyadh.

Between 2005-12, Wendy worked as a designer at Hofstede Design and Studio Round in Melbourne. The end of 2012 marked the beginning of change. Wendy departed her career as a graphic designer, and undertook an apprenticeship in furniture upholstery.  

In 2014 she founded Polar Space to house a diverse practice spanning upholstery, design, ceramics and teaching.


Wendy Ellerton   
Tel. +61 417 348 775